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If you are actively practicing any sport, then you have probably already encountered fatigue.

In most cases, it is the result of overtraining.

Which means that the body is not able to fully process the effort of the previous workout.

Or more of the previous ones.

Because you don’t give him any more time to rest.

But rest is a waste of time that I could use for training, right…

Thinking like that can get you into trouble.

In the worst case, to injuries.

Regeneration is as important as training as it allows the body to process the effort and stress of training.

If we neglect regeneration, then fatigue is here.

In other words – if you often experience fatigue, then you do not give enough importance to regeneration.

And since regeneration itself does not only mean resting, sitting on the couch, lying down…

Regeneration can also be active.

This one is actually the most effective.

Stretching exercises, mild jogging, yoga…

Regenerating in this way is excellent regeneration.

The body needs it.

Basically, regeneration is part of training.

It is part of our path to success.

In our fitness centers we also offer a sauna and massage, where you can take care of the complete regeneration of your body.


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I notice that when planning our physical activities, we focus too much on the intensity of our training.

Which is understandable, since our logic tells us that the more we work hard, the more the muscles ache, the clearer the sign will be that this was a good workout. Successful training. And the results will be here sooner.

But it won’t hold.

But what should we focus on then, if not the intensity of the exercise?

Maybe on technique?

Technique is very important in training, but still not the most important…

And then?


Regular and continuous exercise cycles. These are most important in achieving results successfully.

And not just in sports, but everywhere, at all levels of life.

In business, partnership, learning, detachment from bad habits… Regular implementation, repetition, upgrading… Consistency.

And unfortunately, this is where people most often give in.

When we decide to achieve the goal with exercise, for example: to lose 5 kg in three months, we give priority to the intensity of training and e.g. after the fifth workout we are so exhausted that we can’t stick to consistency.

Then we drop some workouts, with the thought that when we regenerate, we come to our senses, then we will continue and…

And it can happen… in fact, it often happens that motivation falls during this time of “rest”. The goal dissipates, excuses come, “that it’s too hard, it’s not for me and I’ll try maybe another exercise” and so on.

With the approach of giving priority to a regular cycle in exercise, regardless of the situation, I can avoid such unpleasant scenarios. Therefore, training in organized groups with regular training, training with a personal trainer priporoč is recommended, because they provide a constant frequency and motivation.

If exercise is regular, then the results come by themselves.

And here we are for you!

In our fitness centers we offer regular, organized workouts, where we take care of both motivation and consistency of workouts.


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There seem to be countless formulas for building a successful business, there are probably as many as there are people.

Maybe not? Why…

Because only a few manage to set up a successful and lasting business.

And there are more and more gurus who are supposed to help build the business every day.

There are a lot of them online.

Nevertheless, success is often attributed mainly to the factor of happiness, such as. that you are in the right place at the right time, that you know the right people…

I’m not saying… these two factors are also important.

But they are not a condition.

I recently came across content explaining how to build a stable and successful business in six steps.

And why did this content get my attention? Because it is logical…

The steps to be followed are logical and can be put into practice in the real world through systematic work.

This sentence is very important.

Systematics and work… Steps without action alone are not useful. It is necessary to go out into the world and start working.

Systematically, even these 6 steps are a pretty good systematics or a path that directs you where.

When building a business, another important feature or. skill…

Patience… Yeah, we don’t have much of you. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Already standing in line in the store is a challenge for us in patience, let alone in the process of construction work, which usually takes several years…

You build, you build, the success you want is not…

Yes, this is probably the main challenge we face in building a business…


We don’t seem to be moving anywhere and giving up.

But with steps that are logical and can be implemented, this challenge is also easier.

And what are these steps?

Step 1: Select a specific customer that can be identified

Step 2: Create a great product that will solve the problem for this customer

Step 3: Give them a chance to buy it

Step 4: Handle them well and create a great customer experience

Step 5: Use marketing to increase reach

Step 6: Repeat


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