Bull and Bear

If you’ve ever listened to stock market comments, you’ve probably heard of the term “bull trend” or “bear trend”.

Do you know what these two terms mean and why these two animals are mentioned by the stock market world?

Ok. Let’s go in order …

The stock market dictionary also calls the growth trend a bullish trend.
Thus, the bullish trend is most often mentioned when the financial market is growing, so the value of currencies, stocks and other financial products is rising.

But how did the bull come to this term?

The bull usually attacks by planting you with its horns and throwing you into the air.

That is why raising the value of the financial market is also called the bullish trend.


The situation is similar when choosing the term depreciation of the financial market.

They also call it the “bear trend”.

The bear usually rises on its hind legs during the attack and knocks them to the ground with its front paws.

And cause a fall.

So … now it will be easier for you to understand what is being said if a stock market commentator mentions a bull or a bear …

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