In maintaining the value of my crop currencies, I use one of the tricks …
While searching for or waiting for a suitable investment, a particular cryptocurrency may lose value.
The market is always fluctuating, both the fiat market and the crypto …
In crypto trading, there are times when I choose to invest in it.
I send my money to work …
But there comes a time when it is necessary to pick up profits and withdraw from the market.
That’s when my money did its job.
It’s intermediate time, time to find another investment. I may already have a choice, or I’m still looking for it… I’m waiting for the right opportunity.
Here, the IM Academy and its “crypto masters” are of great help to me, sharing their analyzes and strategies in buying and leaving with us.
What about your crypto coins at this time?
If the market for your crypto coin falls, then so does your value.
You don’t want that, do you …?
So it is necessary to protect it from falling.
But how do you do that?
Simply … turn your crypto coins into stable coins.
Stable coins allow you to reduce price fluctuations.
Their characteristic is that they are tied to the value of the dollar or gold.
Thus, the value of a stable coin is equal to the value of the dollar.
This preserves the value of your investment while the value of a particular cryptocurrency may fall.
So you can look for a new investment in peace, a new trade.
Or go even further …
Stable coins are invested in a liquidity pool during this time and you get interest.
That’s how you make money when you’re looking for a new investment.
When you do research, you analyze the market.
Crypto skeptic have the idea that crypto coin trading is a lottery …
Today it goes up, tomorrow it will crash to the bottom …
Real crypto traders do not leave their assets to coincidence.
We are not gamblers …
With our knowledge, we enter and exit markets and exit thoughtfully and with a plan.

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