Your website is a reflection of the quality of your services. It is one of the first opportunities to create an impression on a customer and build a relationship with them. Therefore, a website is more than just information about what you do and where you are located; it is a means of communication and a reflection of your level of business.

Kaj pravijo stranke

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

“Matjaž set up my website, organized hosting, domain… practically everything… I even trusted him with the textual part of the page and I’m extremely satisfied!”

- Sara -


I will set up and design a website for you according to your needs and the requirements of your business. I will also link it with Google and optimize the basic SEO settings. This will ensure that your website is ready for use.

“I will update your old website to a modern and more user-friendly one. In doing so, I will use the latest methods in web design.”

Domain (website address: www…) and hosting (where the website is stored) are prerequisites for setting up a website. I can advise you on this and also arrange it upon request.

Two platforms, excellent user experience

I use two platforms for website design. Each has its own features, but the user experience for your visitors remains top-notch.

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) used by over 40% of websites worldwide. It allows for easy creation and editing of websites, blogs, stores, and other types of websites. Known for its ease of use, flexibility, and wide selection of themes and plugins, WordPress enables users to add functionality and customize the look of their websites. There is also a large community of users and developers who provide support, templates, and various plugins. In addition, WordPress offers many security features and regular updates, ensuring the stability and reliability of your website. The initial installation of WordPress is easy and can be done either through a web interface or via installation script on the server. Due to its simplicity and functionality, WordPress is highly popular for building websites and blogs.

Editor X is an advanced platform for designing websites, developed for professional designers and agencies. It enables easy creation of attractive and functional websites, with a focus on precise design and customization of all elements. Editor X offers a high degree of flexibility and control, allowing designers to express their creativity to the fullest. Among its features, there are tools for designing various types of elements, such as text, images, videos, graphics, and animations, as well as functions for adjusting layout, size, and color.

Planning and Design

Designing a website or your online presence is an important phase. In it, I will assess your desires, needs, opportunities, and analyze your competition’s online presence.

Once I finish the planning phase, I start creating a preview of your new website. In practice, this means that I already set up the draft of the website on my subdomains, where you can enter through the URL and view the progress of your website development and provide comments and opinions.

The third and final phase is the transfer of the completed website. Once you are satisfied with the website, I will transfer it to your domain (www…) and your website will be available on the World Wide Web.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is of great importance for your online presence. Without optimization, your webpage will have a hard time competing with other pages that have optimization done. However, the expectation that your page will be in first place is not realistic if you do not invest large amounts of resources and hire a large and capable team for this purpose.

Multilingual pages

"Multilingual websites with language menus and translations that are customized to your service and not automatically generated via Google translate."

Maintenance and updates.

“The website is a living thing that needs maintenance, adaptation and observation. Guidelines and standards of online presence are constantly changing, upgrading, and becoming increasingly demanding, requiring more knowledge. Therefore, it is important to have someone who maintains your website.”

The message is in Slovenian and it roughly translates to: “Updating plugins, security programs, PHP versions… The WordPress platform still requires most of its programs and applications to be manually updated. However, the x editor platform does not have this system and therefore does not require updates.”

Availible websites

Websites that are created, free and therefore available in a few days.



Super happy with my new website! Thank you, Matjaž, for your speed and professionalism!



Renovation of the website from A to Z. Proposals, advice and final execution…top!


Novo Mesto

I needed multilingual versions of my site. And he got that. Thank you!



At first I built my own website, but I got nothing from it. Then I entrusted her to Matjaž and he made a miracle out of her. Thank you!



Matjaž set up a website for me, arranged the hosting, the domain…practically everything…even the text part of the page I entrusted to him and I am extremely satisfied!



Extremely satisfied. I recommend!




Making a preview of your new page.

  • Creation of a sample website
  • Your preferences included
  • Your new final version builds on this

Creating a basic website

from 350 € on
  • to 6 pages
  • Contact form
  • Pop up notifications (subscribe...)
  • 2 hours of basic website management course

Building a larger website

from 500 € on
  • To 20 pages
  • "Must have" contact and pop-up forms
  • Preparation for writing articles for e-mail marketing
  • Advance MEGA menu
  • 2 hours of basic website management course

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